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Although gaining information from this website and making phone contact with Clarkson Counseling is a good first step toward change, these actions do not constitute a Client-Therapist relationship. We at Clarkson Counseling do not assume a Client-Therapist relationship until a client comes to our office, meets with one of our therapists face to face, and provides written consent for treatment.

Making Appointments

We look forward to having you call us to discuss the details of making an appointment. When you call, you will initially be directed to multiple voicemail options. For general questions about services or billing, you may leave a message in voice mailbox #4. You can also leave a message for one of our therapists, and he or she will return your phone call ASAP to make an appointment. Your first and subsequent sessions will last 45 to 50 minutes. Payment for services is expected at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, or credit cards (MasterCard or Visa).

Fee Structure

When your therapist talks with you, the presenting problems will be briefly discussed along with the fee structure. Generally, individuals either pay privately for therapy or pay through their insurance. Both are valid options that can be discussed before services are rendered.

Insurance vs. Private Pay?

If you choose to utilize your insurance benefits, there are some things that you need to know in order to be an informed consumer. Please be aware that in order for your therapy to be submitted to and covered by your insurance provider, you must meet the criteria for a mental health disorder, and you must be given a mental health disorder diagnosis by your therapist. Once this diagnosis is given to your insurance company, it then becomes a permanent part of your medical record, which could affect future ratings on life and health insurance premiums. If this is a concern for you, you may wish to use the private pay option, since a diagnosis is not required and it is not necessary to submit information to a third party. In other words, paying privately allows you to seek counseling without a diagnosis, and what you discuss within therapy stays between you and your therapist. This may appeal to some.

If you decide that submitting to insurance is your best option, we will assist you in that process. We accept most insurances, and, if we are not able to accept your insurance, we will talk to you about out-of-network benefits, private pay options, or referring you to another therapist. We do ask that you call your insurance company to determine your mental health benefits and ask about the following information:

When you come for your initial appointment, you should bring the above information, your insurance card, and your co-pay. In addition, prior to the beginning of your session, you will be required to complete a client data form, which can be completed prior to your arrival if you would like. Just click the words above or the "Downloads" button on the left.

If you have further questions regarding appointments, your therapist will be happy to talk with you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Clarkson Counseling, P.C. complies with all HIPPA regulations in regard to confidentiality. We do not collect ANY information about who visits our website.

If you have general questions or comments regarding this website, simply call our office at 636-256-0600 and a therapist will contact you as soon as it is possible. In addition, if you wish to talk to or have a question for a specific therapist, please call and leave a message in his or her voice mailbox, and the therapist will contact you ASAP. Thank you.